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Sysquake Mobile

Sysquake Mobile is a total rewrite of Sysquake in JavaScript. It runs completely in the browser, without any communication with the server once it has been loaded.

Sysquake is ground-breaking software for simulation and scientific visualisation. Through innovative use of interactive graphics, Sysquake reveals insights into complex mathematical, scientific or technical problems.

Sysquake is based on a programming language for numerical computing. It has an extensive set of functions which cover real and complex math, linear algebra, statistics, equation solving, integration, optimization, graphics, and more.

Sysquake Mobile is well-suited to situations where you don't want to install native applications, such as online courses, or where you can't, such as on restricted platforms like iOS or Chrome OS devices.

Run Sysquake Mobile

The freedom provided by an interface where the user can evaluate any kind of command and expression requires some experience or learning. The technology of Sysquake Mobile can also be used directly for interactive graphics, such as this demonstration of different map projections.