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Sysquake Pro – Table of Contents

Sysquake – Table of Contents

Sysquake for LaTeX – Table of Contents


Compatibility Notes

LME is mostly compatible with the language of MATLAB(R) 4.x. It includes most features of MATLAB 5 to 7, such as integer data types, structures, and switch and try control structure. Other functions are enhanced; e.g. functions which manipulate polynomials (such as addpol and roots) also accept matrices containing multiple polynomials. Because of these extensions, it would be a bad idea to attempt to learn the language of MATLAB by reading this material. However, with a background in MATLAB, you will learn LME very quickly.

Except for a number of advanced mathematic functions such as qz, and eigs (some of them are provided in the LAPACK extension), and a few minor differences described in the list of functions as "Caveat", here is the list of the main differences. Knowing them, it is very easy to write code compatible with both Matlab and LME.