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Sysquake Pro – Table of Contents

Sysquake – Table of Contents

Sysquake for LaTeX – Table of Contents

Search path function

This section describes the functions used to setup the path of directories where libraries are searched.


Get or change path of library files.


str = path
path(str1, str2)


Without arguments, path displays the path of all directories where library files are searched by use and useifexists.

With an output argument, path returns all the paths separated by semicolons.

With an input argument, path(p) sets the paths to the contents of string p, which must be a list of semicolon-separated paths.

With two input arguments, path(p1,p2) sets the paths to those contained in strings p1 and p2. With this syntax, one of p1 or p2 is typically a call to path itself. This permits to prepend or append new paths to the existing ones.

If a path is a string which does not contain the percent character, the full path of the file is obtained by concatenating that string, the directory separator specific to the operating system (backslash on Windows and slash on macOS and Unix) unless the path already has a trailing directory separator, and the file name with its extension. If the path contains at least one percent character, the full path is obtained by replacing the following sequences:

SequenceReplaced by
%bbase file name without extension
%ffilename with extension
%sextension (file suffix)


Append /usr/local/lme to the current path:

path(path, '/usr/local/lme');

Same effect with %f:

path(path, '/usr/local/lme/%f');

See also

use, useifexists