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Sysquake Pro – Table of Contents

Sysquake – Table of Contents

Sysquake for LaTeX – Table of Contents


LaTeX is a typesetting environment for generating high-quality documents, for reading on-screen (typically as PDF) or for printing. Developed by Leslie Lamport with the support of many other contributors and the American Mathematics Society (AMS), LaTeX is extremely popular for scientific publications. LaTeX is a set of macros for TeX. From TeX, it inherits the high quality of text layout and equation formatting, and implementations on most computer platforms; it adds facilities for sections, page layout, table of contents, index, etc.

Like TeX, LaTeX takes as input a text file which contains the text to typeset and commands introduced with an escape character. To create a document, the author typically writes this file in a text editor, processes it with latex (a command-line tool), displays the result in a viewer, and continues with more iterations until a satisfactory result is obtained. Numerical results and graphics come usually from other applications such as Sysquake.

Sysquake for LaTeX is a LaTeX package and a command tool which let you embed Sysquake commands directly in LaTeX source files. With it, no need to copy and format numerical results or generate EPS file by hand; the package takes care of cumbersome tasks, letting you focus on the creative work. Sysquake for LaTeX uses the same language and libraries as Sysquake and other products of Calerga.