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Sysquake Pro – Table of Contents

Sysquake – Table of Contents

Sysquake for LaTeX – Table of Contents

Sysquake for LaTeX - Installation

Installing Sysquake for LaTeX consists in three steps:

LaTeX must also be able to execute external programs with \write18. Depending on the platform, this may require to add an option argument to pdflatex, such as -shell-escape or --enable-write18.

Caution: enabling external programs can be dangerous if you typeset tex files from dubious origin. Depending on your needs, you may prefer a separate configuration to typeset tex files which use Sysquake for LaTeX, keeping the standard, more secure configuration for other files. Sysquake for LaTeX should be used only with tex files you trust.



Install the latest release of MiKTeX (e.g. MiKTeX 2.9.6161). Then run the installer of Sysquake for LaTeX and follow the instructions.

The last steps, as explained in the installer, are manual:

TeX Live

Install the latest release of TeX Live (e.g. TeX Live 2016), then run Sysquake for LaTeX installer and follow the instructions.

The last steps are manual:

Other distributions

For other TeX distributions, please read their documentation. Sysquake for LaTeX installer is totally independent from any other software; you should just configure TeX so that it finds the file sysquake.sty and can run sysquakelatextool.exe.


On macOS, Sysquake for LaTeX is distributed as a package. To install it, just double-click its icon and accept everything. You will need an administrator password. An alias of the documentation entry file is put on the Desktop.

The macOS package stores the distribution in /opt/SysquakeLx and creates the following symbolic links, also creating directories if they do not already exist:

ln -s /opt/SysquakeLx/bin/i386-darwin/sysquakelatextool \
ln -s /opt/SysquakeLx/TexFiles/tex/latex/sysquake.sty \
ln -s /opt/SysquakeLx/TexFiles/tex/latex/sq-example.tex \
ln -s /opt/SysquakeLx/TexFiles/doc/latex/sysquake/index.html \

You should make sure to enable the execution of external programs with \write18. In TeXShop, for instance, open TeXShop preferences (menu TeXShop>Preferences), display the Engine tab, then in pdfTeX/Latex field, replace pdflatex --file-line-error --synctex=1 with pdflatex --file-line-error --synctex=1 -shell-escape.

Ubuntu, Debian or Linux Mint

Sysquake for LaTeX is available as a deb package, with a dependency on the texlive package which will also be installed if it isn't already done. Double-clicking its icon should open the default package management utility for your system. You can then read its description and install it.

Alternatively, in a terminal window, you can type the following command (replace the star and specify the exact filename if you have several versions):

sudo dpkg -i sysquakelx-*.deb

Should you want to remove Sysquake for LaTeX, you can type the following command:

sudo dpkg -r sysquakelx

Manual installation on Linux

Sysquake for LaTeX is also available as a tgz archive, which can run on other Linux distributions and gives you total flexibility for file location. The steps below give you general directions.