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Sysquake features

Sysquake is available in two versions: Sysquake, with interactive graphics, advanced user interface and powerful programming language; and Sysquake Pro, with bundled extensions (I/O, databases, etc.) and support for your own, remote procedure calls, and Sysquake Application Builder.

Before version 4.1, Sysquake Pro was named Sysquake, and what is distributed now as "Sysquake" didn't exist.

The table below summarizes their features:

Sysquake Sysquake Pro
LME programming language yesyes
LME libraries yesyes
Interactive graphics yesyes
Multiple custom menus yesyes
Command-line window or panel yesyes
Styled text yesyes
Styled text RTF/LaTeX export yesyes
EPS and PDF export yesyes
Help yesyes
Multiple documents yesyes
Text editor yesyes
SQ files and SQD files yesyes
Low-level file I/O yesyes
Data copy/paste yesyes
Audio input extension yes
Audio output extension yes
Data compression extension yes
Joystick extension yes
Lapack extension yes
Long integer extension yes
MAT-file extension yes
Database extensions yes
PNG and TIFF I/O extension yes
Serial port extension yes
Shell extension yes
TCP/IP extension yes
URL extension yes
Web services extension yes
Support for user extensions yes
OLE Automation Windows
XML/RPC server Mac and GNU/Linux
Can be controlled w/ Java yes
Sysquake Application Builder yes
Price free1000 CHF
Multi-computer licenses yes
Site licenses yes